Be Prepared. Be Flood Ready.

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Protection Against Floods & Leaks

Water damage is one of the top causes of homeowner and commercial insurance claims. Just a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars or more in damage. The answer? FloodSax. FloodSax patented technology provides superior protection against storm flooding disasters, indoor water leaks, or liquid damage.


The average flood claim amounts to nearly $42,000 in damage. Yet 93% of all water damage can be prevented.

Be prepared for any water emergency and buy FloodSax today.

Be Prepared. Be Flood Ready.

FloodSax®, the #1 self-absorbing, reusable sandbag alternative that can help protect your property against water damage. The ultimate flood protection product, FloodSax® sandless sandbag's patented design is engineered to be absorbent, sturdy and stackable in minutes.

FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags - 10 bags
  • Self-Absorbing

    Our sandless sandbags absorb up to 6 gallons of water, oil and hazardous chemicals in minutes!  They also work as a barrier to defend against both fresh and salt water. Plus the white color allows for visual inspection of the absorbed liquid.

  • Bigger IS Better

    FloodSax are 50% larger than other sandless sandbags and provide 40% more coverage than traditional sandbags. 33 ft of ground edge protection in a single case (20 bags).

  • Patented Design

    Our product is 100% patent protected. The consistent-absorption technology makes it the most absorbent and effective product on the market.

  • Lightweight

    Weighing only 1lb (dry), our sandless sandbags can be set up by anyone! They are lightweight and easy to move and store and come with a 5-year warranty and a 10+ year shelf-life. 


Great customer service. Product works as advertised. Don't expect to re-use them. To me, this was a single-use, emergency product. Much preferred to filling sand/dirt bags. Got email from CEO directly--very heartfelt response. This is very unusual in today's world of profits over people. I would never even consider using another product.

Really great product. Absorbed and held water way better than the other sandless sandbags I've tried. They are a bigger too and can stack because they inflate evenly. I need these for the storm. Great experience.

The shipment was super-fast, despite it being at no cost. provided very professional customer follow up and support. Overall, a people-centric business, as they all should (still) be.

Awesome product!! We live in PalmBeach Gardens, FL and used them for hurricane Irma. Did exactly what promised. Didn't know what to expect but couldn't be happier with FloodSax! Will definitely recommend this product to everyone needing flood protection.

FloodShield for Doorways

Instant doorway flood protection barrier designed for emergency use. Easy to install, ready to use, the ultimate protection for your home or building against flood water.

Floodshield protects against nearly two feet of flood water by sealing securely to your existing doorframe. No tools required, setup in minutes and comes in 6 sizes to fit the majority of exterior door frames.