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  • 250 gallons of water per DAY from only 1/8-inch crack in a pipe
  • 93% of all water damage can be prevented
  • Average flood claim amounts to nearly $42,000 in damage
  • Annual flood insurance claims averaged $3.5 billion per year

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Sandless Sandbags
No Labor - No Sand - No Cleanup - Instant Sandbag!

FloodSax® is the self-absorbing, reusable sandbag alternative that can help protect your property against water damage. *Reusable only in fresh water. Contaminated liquids absorbed should be handled with care and disposed of per government hazmat standards.  Own the ultimate flood protection product. FloodSax® sandless sandbags patented design is engineered to be absorbent, sturdy and stackable in minutes. Each sack absorbs up to 5.8 gallons (up to 50 lbs.) of liquid in just 5 minutes. Be Prepared. Be Flood-Ready.

FloodSax® - The Modern Sandless Sandbag


  • Fresh water and Saltwater flood barrier
  • Light weight, only 1 Pound (dry)
  • 50% larger that other sandless sandbag
  • 40% more coverage than traditional sandbagsBuy FloodSax Online
  • Absorbs up to 5.8 gallons of liquid in 5 minutes
  • 33 ft of ground edge protection in a single case (20 FloodSax)
  • Able to absorb various liquids (including many hazardous chemicals)
  • No Labor Setup
  • Up to 10-year + shelf life
  • Self absorbing, stable and stackable by ANYONE.
  • Reusable Sandbag - Reusable only in fresh water. Contaminated liquids absorbed should be handled with care and desposed of per government hazmat standards.

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