Prepare and Protect from Flooding

Being affected by flooding is a terrible experience that nobody should go through.  Victims of floodwaters and its destruction to homes and the belongings in it, can relate to how costly flooding can be- literally and emotionally. Oftentimes, it is the loss of family keepsakes that can hurt the most.  Not only are valuable items lost, often the flood victims are displaced and out of their home for nearly nine months while the home is being dried and repaired. This can put a ton of stress and strain on any family. For this reason, it is important to always be ready and protected from flood and water damage. 

High flood barrier walls - flood sack sandless sandbags

Flood Zones and Preparation

Flood Defense and ProtectionBeing aware of your flood risk and being prepared with a plan of action, as well as having a flood defense can not only make your experience less miserable, but can potentially save your home and belongings. No one is safe from flash flooding.  It is common that when a flash flood hits, there is just not enough time to do what it takes to build flood protect walls with sandbags.  In other words, there is not enough time for finding sand, digging/ delivering sand, filling sandbags and having enough people to setup the bas.  FloodSax® Sandless sandbags offers a simple and compact way to protect your home from flooding.  FloodSax® instant, self-absorbing, water filled sandbags are compact and lightweight and can be stored for about 10 years, so that you are prepared ahead of time. These sandbag alternatives can provide a flood protection barrier for up to 3 months when kept in water.

Best Flood Protection/ Defense System

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FloodSax® is your ultimate Flood Defense System. A single case of 20 FloodSax® instant sandless sandbags offers

protection equivalent to 900 pounds of sandbags. Each bag weighs only a single pound and quickly absorbs 5.8 gallon of liquid in just 5 minutes. Its patented technology allows it to build higher, more stable flood barrier walls to protect your home during a flash flood scenario.  FloodSax® are designed to be incredibly stackable and have a 10+ year shelf life when kept it its original vacuum sealed bags.  The best flood protection and defense system always includes FloodSax® sandless sandbag alternatives. 

Cleanup After Flooding - Sandless Sandbags AlternativesCleanup after Flooding - Made Easy

Traditional sandbags are extremely costly when it comes to cleanup.  When sand is contaminated, the costs of cleanup can be in tens of thousands of dollars.  FloodSax® eliminate the need for high cleanup costs.  FloodSax® unique’ s white color design allow for a quick visual detection of contamination.  Once it is determined that the content in the FloodSax® are contaminated, one can dispose of them by leaving them out to dry before tossing them.  If the water absorbed within the FloodSax® bags are safe, it can be repurposed. FloodSax® are made with 97% biodegradable materials (all but sack stitching), meaning it will break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means when thrown away or buried.* Another option is to use your water-absorbed FloodSax® as drought irrigation or water conservation by cutting it open and pouring the contents into planting soil.

*If FloodSax® have been in contact with hazardous materials or non-biodegradable liquids, they should be disposed of through your local hazardous material disposal agency.  Add FloodSax® to your flood defense/ protection plan and benefit from its instant and easy-to-use capabilities.  Being prepared is the most important step you can take in protecting property and home valuables.