Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags

Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags are instant sandbags that expand in size when water is added to them.  When considering any sandbag alternative, it is important to look at differences in functions, features to decide what product is right for you. 

Packaging of Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags and FloodSax

Here you see the packaging of Quick Dam flood bags in the package of 6 compared to FloodSax package of 5.  Quick Dam demonstrates its compact packaging, while FloodSax are in a larger vacuum sealed bag. 

quick dam sandless sandbags 6 pack vs. FloodSax flood sack 5 pack

Upon opening the individual bags, the difference in dimension and polymer filling is very apparent (which enables the sandbag to instantly inflate).  FloodSax is the larger, white colored bag, whereas Quick Dam is the smaller black colored bag.

quick dam flood barrier bag vs. FloodSax flood sack

 FloodSax / flood sacks are much larger in size and contain more super absorbent polymer filling, which makes them 25% larger than other sandless sandbags on the market. 

quick dam flood barrier bags vs flood sacks floodsax

The filling inside these bags are exactly what gives them their weight and volume to protect against flooding disasters and indoor water damage.  FloodSax polymers are more evenly distributed in the bags because of its unique patented 9 chamber design.  Quick Dam flood barrier bags have all the polymer set in a corner of the bag (one must shake and spread out the contents to evenly distribute contents).

Inflated Sandbag Dimensions:

  • Quick Dam: 12" x 24" x 3.54
  • FloodSax: 19" x 20" x 6"

dimensions of quick dam flood barrier vs flood sacks instant sandbags

Weight and Volume of Instant Sandless Sandbags

The flood protection capabilities of a sandbag is based on its weight and volume.  Since the weight and volume capacity of sandless sandbags are based on 1) the size of the bag and 2) its crystal polymer fillings, it is safe to say that the heavier the bag, the more powerful it is against indoor and outdoor water protection.  Here are the numbers:

  • 1 FloodSax bag weighs 1.5 lbs
  • 1 Quick Dam bag weighs 0.5 lbs

From these numbers and the images, it is clear that FloodSax offers greater flood water and liquid damage protection.  

Benefits of FloodSax Flood Barrier bags

1) Greater flood protection area coverage (protect more property)

2) Builds higher more stable flood barrier walls

3) Soaks up more liquids for greater leak and spills / water damage protection.

Small Flood Barrier Wall               Large Flood Barrier Wall

quick dam flood barrier sandless sandbags FloodSax flood sack

Flood Barrier Wall Height Comparison

quick dam flood barrier bag vs. FloodSax flood sack against garage

The image above illustrates the shear height difference in flood protection between FloodSax and Quick Dam. 

Illustration shows flood bags  stacked 2 bags high, with 10 bags across the bottom and 11 bags stacked and staggered on top.

To sum, FloodSax® flood bags / flood sacks offers superior flood barrier wall protection when compared side by side to the Quick Dam flood barrier sandless sandbags.  


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