FloodShield Door Barrier and Flood Gate System

$ 399.98
FloodShield Door Barrier and Flood Gate System

FloodShield Door Barrier and Flood Gate System

$ 399.98


FloodShield flood gate and storm water door barrier. Simply clip and seal in minutes!  FloodShield seals and fits without the need for tools, permanent fixtures, or alterations to the door or door jam.  Made to be reused year after year!


  • Comes ready to use
  • Fitted in minutes
  • No tools required
  • No fixtures or fittings to property
  • Seals against existing door frame
  • Pressure leveraged "Bubble Panel" design
  • Unique hand adjustable clips
  • Cannot be stolen
  • Re-usable for season after season

What size should I choose?
Measure between the brickwork as shown in Measurement A (width of doorframe), then choose the flood barrier size which is nearest to Measurement A, but not larger than Measurement A to allow the barrier to clip to and seal against the outside surface of the doorframe.

How do I install FloodShield?
Click HERE to view the Installation Guide. 



FloodShield flood gate door barrier is an easy-to-install solution for protecting your home or business.   The reinforced “bubble panel” design keeps floodwaters out, flood water pressure at bay while your entry / exit remains accessible. The frame seal uses the water pressure and patented self-install aluminum frame clips against the door frame to keep water at bay.  FloodShield flood gate and door barrier will fit doorways 35in. to 40in. without a sleeve design. Its 2ft. height is tall enough to keep water out of your home or business, but allows entry and exit from the door while in use.   When door is closed, it’s locked in place with none invasive clips, protecting the FloodShield from theft.