Sandless Sandbags
No Labor - No Sand - Instant Sandbag!

FloodSax® is the self-absorbing, sandbag alternative that can help protect your property against water damage.  Floods can be devastating to the unprepared.  Whether it be a plumbing leak, storm waters, hurricane or El Nino event...water damage happens fast. FloodSax® provides the ultimate flood protection through our patented design, that is engineered to be absorbent, sturdy and stackable. Offering ease of use to homeowners while being strong enough for government and commercial applications, FloodSax® is the ultimate solution. Each sack absorbs up to 5.8 gallons (up to 50 lbs.) of liquid in just 5 minutes. Be Prepared. Be Flood-Ready.

FloodSax® - The Modern Sandbag

  • Light weight, only 1 Pound (dry)
  • Fresh water and Salt water flood barrier
  • 25% larger that other sandbag alternatives
  • 40% more coverage than traditional sandbags
  • Absorbs up to 5.8 gallons of liquid in 5 minutes
  • 33 ft of ground edge protection in a single case (20 FloodSax)
  • Able to absorb various liquids (including many hazardous chemicals)
  • No Labor Setup
  • Up to 10-year + shelf life
  • Self absorbing, stable and stackable by ANYONE.


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