How do FloodSax® work?

FloodSax® sandless sandbags are made with a 9 layer biodegradable polymer crystal pads (similar to a diaper) with natural fibers and other biodegradable contents) in a semi-porous absorption sack. They soaks up to 5.8 gallons, equal to 50 lbs. of water, in just minutes.  The amazing part is that the harder the rain or liquid comes in contact, the faster FloodSax® absorb.

Are FloodSax® the same as other 'sandless sandbag' or sandless flood barrier type products?

No.  FloodSax has little true competition but a few products on the market state they are a quick dam, hydro bag or fast soak flood barrier type of sand less sandbag.  These products look similar on paper but they a very thin (tear easily), light duty and are basically bags of dust.

The "dust" is a lower grade polymer which will not hold the water for as long.  They are not thick (like a sandbag), sturdy or a comparable in volume, size, weight.   The dust (now in gel form) will almost immediately leach out creating a new problem.

Can I re-use FloodSax®?

YES.  Once activated, the FloodSax® will remain active and full until the water begins to evaporate, typically taking a several weeks to start significantly shrinking due to evaporation. YES, they will shrink while evaporating and grow when re-exposed to water.  

NOTE: Due to contamination absorption concerns do not keep FloodSax® if used in anything other that "fresh" water.  Re-Use after fresh water only. 

Are FloodSax® "re-purposable"?

YES! FloodSax® are often used as super absorbents for common clean water household leaks. If that is the case, users can cut open the bag and shovel moist FloodSax® contents into gardens or planting mix to help keep the soil moist.

What other uses do FloodSax® have?

FloodSax® can also be used as a super absorbent sack or to build a liquid diversion berm. There are a variety of home and business flooding events that FloodSax® are ideal for, including: road spills, office leaks, toilets, water heaters, internal sprinkler systems, aquariums, leaks in boats, broken pipes, leaking appliances, basements and other liquid sources that will damage any home, business or facility.

Are the activated FloodSax®  contents safe for animals and humans?

The FloodSax® gelled contents is non-hazardous and non-toxic. Common other applications for the contents are agriculture and other food processing uses.

What is the UV light impact on degrading FloodSax®?

FloodSax® research has found no scientific evidence to support that a the white bag contents breaksdown faster than a Black, Grey, Blue, Orange or other color.  FloodSax® are white so you can see the absorbed contents.   It's for safety and it's very important.

Note:  If absorbed fluids (street run-off, storm water, chemicals/ oils) look or smells dangerous, call local hazmat control and do not handle. 

What do "traditional" sandbags really cost?

On average sandbag weighs 31lbs once it is filled dry and tied (although when filling them, often in the rain, it can vary greatly even from bag to bag ranging from 20-55lbs). Many people actually pre-fill sandbags over weeks and months. Most published accounts of the actual cost of a delivered sandbag is in the $23-$27/sandbag range. This is taking into account the real cost including materials, labor, tools/shovels, hauling/transport, storage, and emergency off hours call-out by the supplier.

How do sandbags store verses FloodSax®?

A common practice for homeowners with land, businesses, government offices, and campuses is to pre-fill and store traditional sandbags for a year or longer. However, over time the bags harden, mold and retain moisture making them very heavy and often unusable. FloodSax® weigh only 1 lb. (5lbs in a vacuum sealed 5 pack) and can be stored easily in a closet or on a shelf. They last up to 10 years and are able to be placed by just about ANYONE.

    What kind of liquids does FloodSax® Absorb?

    FloodSax® are powerful and protect homes and businesses against damage from liquids of all forms, including: water, gasoline, chemicals, and much more. After absorption, FloodSax® and the damaging liquid can quickly be removed from the affected area. Simply pick up the used bag and dispose of it properly.

    FloodSax® were successfully activated with the following liquids / chemicals:

    Hexane Tetrachloroethylene
    Ethanol Oxylene
    Ethyl Acetate Undecane
    Z - Butanone Dodacane
    Cyclohexane Petrol
    Propan-2-ol Jet Fuel
    Toluene Red Diesel
    Butan -l-ol and much more

      *High Caution: Hazardous materials, flammability and chemical reactions of absorbed fluids should be handled with up-most care and proper hazardous material disposal.

      How do I stack FloodSax® ?

      FloodSax® stack and protect against flooding better than a traditional sandbag, due to the unique 9 section design. They are easily stacked and are used like a traditional sandbag, but offer a tighter fit due to their consistent manufacturing design. Once activated, FloodSax® expands and fills in gaps between sacks.

        Can one average size person protect a property with FloodSax®?

        Yes! Unlike traditional sandbags, FloodSax® are placed dry, weighing only 1 lb. each. Once water touches the sack, it is activated and absorbs the water and expands into a 50 lb. sandbag. 20 FloodSax covers 33ft and will absorb storm waters and create and flood barrier.

        How long will FloodSax® work once they are activated?

        FloodSax® will repel water reliably for THREE MONTHS after activation. They will last longer than three months if continually re-soaked with water.

        What is the 'slick' feel on a FloodSax®after activation?

        Our FloodSax® are very carefully designed to use the correct size polymer granules in the manufacturing process.  These granules can’t escape from the FloodSax through the non-woven fabric holes (an issue with burlap and other competitor offerings).  This 'slick' feel is a soap residue that we use in the manufacturing process to make the material hydrophilic (water absorbing).  it will clean out from a carpet and there shouldn’t be any “lasting residue”.   


        What is the FloodSax® warranty?

        FloodSax® come with a 5-year limited warranty and if stored in their sealed state, will remain flood ready for up to 10 years.

        How much do FloodSax® weigh?

        Each individual FloodSax® weighs ONLY 1 pound when dry, and weighs up to 50 lbs. once filled and activated with liquid. FloodSax® allows virtually anyone to easily store, transport and deploy enough sandbags to meet their needs.

        Can I get FloodSax® in other colors or sizes?

        YES!  Call us (888) 533-2994 to discuss your goals.  We can manufacturer FloodSax in many sizes and colors.  We are often asked about "private label" programs too.  

        How can I become a FloodSax® Authorized Dealer?

        Great! Become an Authorized FloodSax® Dealer, simply call 888-533-2994 and tyalk with our sales agents.  Our goal is to approve qualified dealers within 3 business days of filling out the Dealer Application. We do not accept all applicants, but if your business is targeting an under-served market segment, we do look forward to receiving your application and will likely approve it!